Social games are a unique combination of participation and play that help people function better together

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Boosting empathy in communities across the UK and USA

Storybox is a multiplayer story sharing game designed with 40 community organisations to stimulate understanding and empathy between groups of people who’ve never met.

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Activating civic participation and community decision-making

Cove Conversations is a long-form series of games designed with a local authority to activate civic participation and foster collective ownership over local issues amongst residents.


Strengthening relationships in the workplace

Dialogue is a workplace game designed with a national charity to help address dysfunctional relationships and activate employees to work towards a more cohesive organisation.


Our evidence-based approach is grounded in game studies and social science


Social games have the potential to make real change in the lives of people playing. To make this happen, we build-in things like challenge and competition which encourage people to do and say things out of the ordinary. These simple mechanics open up spaces for connections to be formed; perspectives to be challenged; and for attitudes to adapt.


We're continually exploring how social games can make positive change


Playful reflection & cooperation

Race to Space is an adaptation of a familiar board game, designed to strengthen relationships between young people enrolled in a personal development programme. The game stimulates players to share life experiences, reflect on their meaning and cooperate in order to win. We’re play-testing this game right now - contact us to get involved.

Connecting strangers

Glimpse is a multiplayer card game designed for players who’ve never met to view things from each other’s perspective and find commonalities between experiences. It’s the first game in a programme of playful activities we’re developing with a housing association, to support their resident engagement activities.


These are our makers, players and funders

Every time we develop a game, we're guided by the knowledge and expertise of our partners and players. What matters most, is that everyone participates to make meaningful change through play.