Making better functioning teams

Siloed teams. Poor communication. Interpersonal conflict. Impossible to make change happen. Sound familiar? We apply our years of insight and experience tackling social divides in communities, to make playful activities and programmes that help employees function better together.


What we offer


One day activities

We’ll work with you to create a social game with a specific objective that helps your team function better together. Whether your aim is to stimulate open dialogue, highlight interdependencies, or work through conflict, we’ll make sure that’s built into gameplay and that employees take the lead.


Programmes for lasting change

We’ll take a make, test, learn approach to create social games with your teams that enable them to work through organisational issues as part of an engaging and entertaining experience. Programmes are designed to activate positive behavioural change, led by employees.

How social games can help


Ownership and openness

Games put employees in the lead, which generates a state of openness to change.


Creates connections

Games can alter and strengthen the relationships between people playing.


Provides permission

Games put hierarchies aside so employees express what they normally wouldn’t.


Challenges perspectives

Play fosters empathy, so employees can understand the perspectives of others.


Shifts mindsets

Understanding other employees perspectives challenges negative views and imaginations.


Lasting impact

The positive benefits of participation aim to extend into real work contexts.

We worked with MadeByPlay to create a two-hour game experience to open dialogue and build understanding amongst members of our team at the start of a strategy day. The effect was that people really listened to each other with the understanding that we’re all working towards the same goal.
— Royal Society for Blind Children


Case study: Strengthening relationships in the workplace

Dialogue is a workplace game designed with a national charity to help address dysfunctional relationships and activate employees to work towards a more cohesive organisation.

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